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Are you looking for an easy way to track your Instagram followers and unfollowers? You need FollowMeter – the ultimate tool for monitoring your Instagram account.

FollowMeter is an intuitive tool that can help to improve the performance of your Instagram account. With our powerful analytics, you can access deep insights into your profile – including follower growth, story views and post performance. You can also track your unfollowers, so you can identify and address any drop in engagement quickly.

Not only does FollowMeter provide detailed insights, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly. With its straightforward navigation and intuitive design, FollowMeter makes it easy to monitor your Instagram account in real-time. In just a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to see what’s working and what’s not with your profile, so you can make the necessary changes to increase reach and engagement.

Discover how FollowMeter can help to improve the performance of your Instagram account in our ultimate guide below!

Introduction to FollowMeter for Instagram

Are you tired of manually counting your Instagram followers and trying to remember who was the last one to unfollow you? Well, say goodbye to all that with FollowMeter—a tool specifically designed to keep track of your Instagram account’s most important metrics.

FollowMeter is a powerful analytics suite that offers a range of features to help you monitor your account in real-time, including:

  • Unfollowers: Keep track of who has left your account and when they did so.
  • Followers: See the followers you’ve gained (or lost) over time.
  • Story Views: How many people are viewing your stories?
  • Posts Performance: Monitor how well your posts perform on Instagram.

We understand that managing an Instagram account can be time-consuming, but with FollowMeter, it doesn’t have to be! We make it easy for you to access the information you need in one easy-to-use dashboard so you can focus on what matters—engaging with your audience!

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Benefits of Using FollowMeter

Using FollowMeter, you can keep your Instagram account up-to-date and track your followers and unfollowers at the same time. With our powerful analytics, you can get deep insights into your Instagram account, monitor your followers and unfollowers on a daily basis, assess the performance of your posts, and measure story views.


FollowMeter provides several benefits to users, including:

  • Easy access to detailed analytics that allow you to better understand how to improve your posts’ performance.
  • Monitor who is following or unfollowing you on a daily basis.
  • Visualize statistics from each post with our intuitive pie chart graphs.
  • Gain insight into how well each post is performing in terms of likes and comments.
  • View real-time story views for each post or story.
  • Analyze trends in follower growth over time.

How to Setup Your FollowMeter Account

Setting up your FollowMeter account is easy. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the FollowMeter website and click the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Enter your Instagram details and click “Continue”.
  3. You’ll be directed to a page where you can select a subscription plan that fits your needs.
  4. Once you have selected a plan, you will create an account with a username and password.
  5. Log in to your FollowMeter dashboard and connect it to your Instagram account by entering your credentials once again.
  6. Finally, grant permission to FollowMeter so it can access data from your account – this is essential for monitoring unfollowers, story views, follower growth and posts performance tracking – and start discovering powerful insights into your Instagram followers today!

Features of FollowMeter

FollowMeter provides an array of powerful features to help you gain insights and manage your Instagram account. Here are some of the top features that make FollowMeter stand out from the rest:

Who Is Not Following You Back

Know who’s not following you back on Instagram. You can quickly identify the accounts that aren’t reciprocating your follows, allowing you to decide if it’s worth keeping them in your network or unfollowing them for non-reciprocation.

Monitor Follower Growth

Easily track your follower growth and analyze how well each post is doing. FollowMeter will automatically keep track of who follows and unfollows you so that you can identify trends in follower growth and determine which posts are resonating with your audience.

Analyze Story Views & Profiles Engaged

Analyze who is engaging with your stories and digging deeper into profiles engaged in a particular post or story. This enables you to build hyper-targeted campaigns to increase engagement with followers who might be interested in specific topics or products.

Schedule Posts & Stories

Schedule posts and stories ahead of time, allowing you to plan content even if you’re away from your phone or computer. You can also manage multiple accounts from one platform, giving you more control over how each account is managed on social media.

Analyzing Your Instagram Data With FollowMeter

Keeping track of your Instagram data can be a daunting task – but with FollowMeter, it’s easy! With this comprehensive tool, you can monitor your unfollowers and follower growth, identify which posts are performing best and measure the reach of your stories.

Monitor Your Unfollowers

FollowMeter helps you track who has unfollowed you in real-time. This feature is a great way to stay one step ahead of those who choose to no longer follow you.

Analyze Your Audience Growth

With FollowMeter’s metrics dashboard, you can easily see how many followers have joined or left your profile and the total number of posts you’ve made in the past 30 days. You can also filter the data by account and determine how often users are engaging with your content.

View Your Post Performance

FollowMeter offers detailed insights into which content is performing best on your Instagram page. With this data, you can better understand which posts are driving engagement and use this knowledge to create more successful marketing campaigns in the future.

Measure Reach With Story Views

Ever wonder how many people view your stories? FollowMeter provides detailed analytics about each individual story, including total views and reach. This is an invaluable tool for gaining deeper knowledge about what resonates with your audience and using that information to inform future campaigns.

Tips on Getting the Most Out of FollowMeter

FollowMeter is the perfect tool for taking full control of your Instagram account – but it’s important to use it correctly in order to get the most out of it. Here are some tips for optimizing your FollowMeter usage:

Take Advantage of Insights

FollowMeter offers powerful insights into your Instagram analytics, so make sure to take full advantage of them. Check out the growth of your followers, posts performance and engagement rate to determine what’s working best for you.

Utilize Unfollowers Tracking

One of the most useful features of FollowMeter is its unfollowers feature. Keep an eye on who follows or unfollows you, and follow or unfollow back as appropriate. It’s an easy way to get more organic engagement on your posts.

Keep Track of Story Views

Story views can be difficult to track on Instagram, but FollowMeter makes it easy by providing accurate data on who has seen each story and post. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of this feature in order to get a better understanding of what content resonates with your followers.


With FollowMeter, you can now easily monitor your Instagram account, analyze your followers’ behaviors, and understand the performance of your posts. Get a detailed insight into your Instagram journey and enjoy the privilege of having access to powerful analytics. Deep insights into your Instagram account, unfollowers, story views, and posts performance are just a few taps away. FollowMeter provides the ultimate tool to help you manage and monitor your Instagram account – and all in one place. Make your presence on Instagram count and make it easier by investing in FollowMeter.

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